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About Us

Hands Up is entirely focussed on helping charities communicate more effectively, simple as that. Whether you’re a one man band or one of the big boys, we love to work with charities to tell their stories, make their vision more clear, inspire people to support, and encourage those that already do to get more involved.

Five reasons to work with us:

We make your charity dollar go further.

Our day rate is low and we’re passionate about keeping it this way. We work entirely with freelancers, all working remotely from our homes or hubs. This means we have very few overheads, a cost saving that is passed on to you.

We know your work.

We’re well versed in how charities need to communicate your world-changing selves in this increasingly squeezed sector, what makes you cringe, and what needs shouting about loudest. We know how you need to do this differently to other sectors.

We believe.

We’re doing this because we believe in your causes, not primarily to make money from them (if we don’t believe in your cause we probably won’t work with you.) And we’re not just filling a CSR quota.

We’re future-minded.

We’re forward thinking in our working model. We are free to tailor the best team for each project. Our list of massively talented freelancers on our books is growing by the day.

We’re good.

We have all the technological, creative, and strategic mojo needed to make great digital content.

A few things we’re sometimes asked

You’re all work remotely? How on earth do you stay in touch with each other?

We use Skype (a lot!)  and we meet regularly. We have some brilliant project managers who are very used to working this way and ensure everyone is on the same page. Actually we’ve found that it means we’re more careful to communicate well by email and phone, because there’s no assumption people know the same things just because they’re in the same building.

Hands Up is all freelancers? Doesn’t that make you very unreliable?

Not at all. We all know that if we can’t be relied upon for quality output and an enjoyable working relationship we simply won’t get hired again. So we reckon this actually means that, as individuals, we’ve got more riding on a happy outcome than people working full-time with an agency, which makes us more reliable.

You work solely with the charitable sector at a low day rate? Are you really therefore going to be the best creatively...

We don’t want to keep banging on about it, but our list of talent is really very good. Many of the best creatives in world prefer to work as freelancers because it allows them the flexibility and freedom that a full-time job doesn’t. We we offer them great work, pay them a decent rate and remind them why they left the corporate job in the first place (because it feels GREAT to make beautiful stuff for you guys!)

Can you tell me more about your experience and convince me it really does make you better than the rest?

We were founded by Ben. He worked at Oxfam, Tearfund and Amnesty in digital comms and won awards for his marketing brilliance. He was often involved in outsourcing work to other agencies and grew increasingly frustrated by the process and the bill. So he set up shop on his own, in order to prove an agency can still make money for everyone involved without spending insane amounts of donor dollar. We win a lot of business because of this ethos so it’s working for us. It’s not going to change any time soon.

Our Core Team

We are a core team of four – supported by a large network of freelance specialists that can be brought in whenever necessary. This approach allows us to keep our fixed costs even lower, and to assemble the best possible team for any given project.

Ben Clowney, the founder and director, brings a wealth of experience from the charity sector having spent eight years developing innovative ways to engage people online, with Oxfam GB, Tearfund and Amnesty International. He manages the web side of Hands UpHannah Flint, with a background in journalism and TV production, Hannah has managed projects of different scope and size across the media, charity and corporate sectors. She’s produced several award-winning short films, web videos and campaign films, and oversees our film and animation work.


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