Why choose us?

We’ve worked with charities big and small to produce animations for five years. 100% of our clients say they’d recommend us, so we must be doing something right.

We’re creative

We work with a wide range of amazing and versatile animators who deliver a diverse range of styles so we can definitely create a style to suit you. Our storytelling process is creative and collaborative – we work with you and listen to what you want. We develop ideas based on what you want to communicate and never force our own agenda. We’ve been told this is one of our selling points.

We’re experienced

We’ve been making animations for years and are at the top of our game. We all have experience of working within the charity sector and we love to work with charities to tell their stories, make their vision clearer, inspire people to support, and encourage those that already do, to get more involved.

We’re flexible

We know how to provide quality, meaningful content for (almost) every budget. Whether you’re looking to save costs and work on an absolute shoe-string, or have a bit more to play with, we’re keen to help you create something to meet your needs. And whether you know exactly what you want and have a script already worked out, or would like help from the very start, we will take it from there.

We’re a safe pair of hands

We see ourselves as a hybrid between the lone freelancer and the full agency – with the flexibility and low-cost of the former, but with the reliability, full account assistance and experience of the latter. You’ll have a dedicated producer for every animation who will take care of all scheduling, direction and audio/studio needs.

What do our animation clients think?

We ask every client to score us on a range of criteria.

Likelihood to recommend

How we work

It takes an average of seven to eight weeks to make a short animation, including the scripting and storyboarding phase, audio recording and then three full drafts. We can adapt our schedules to meet tighter deadlines if necessary, but this is our standard process:

Step 1

We agree a schedule and a budget. The schedule is vital to smooth running of a project. It has delivery and sign off dates nailed down. The budget helps us to choose the right animation style for you.

Step 2

We work on your script. This is usually a very collaborative process. We’re happy to look at something you’ve drafted or write one for you after agreeing messaging - we’ll take the lead from you. At this stage we’ll also give you visual ideas and voiceover reels so you can choose the design style and voice you’d like.

Step 3

We sign off the script and styles and agree a storyboard: a set of visual ideas against each line of the script, so that you know what your animation will look like. Sign off here is crucial: scripts and designs must be agreed before animation (the really time-consuming bit) begins, in order to stick to your deadline and budget.

Step 4

Animation begins and the voiceover is recorded. We then send you three drafts, as per the schedule, and ask you to give us your full feedback by the assigned deadline. Once you’ve seen the first draft, we agree on the soundtrack and any other sound effects you’d like to create the backdrop to the animation.

Step 5

After the final draft has been signed off, we purchase the soundtrack and deliver your final film.

We'd love to chat.

We are always up for a chat - whatever your need or budget, get in touch! If we aren’t able to help, we’ll probably know someone else who can.

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