Hands Up is passionate about helping organisations that want to change the world to communicate more clearly, using web and animation. We want to help you increase your impact, so you can spend your money on social good, not high agency fees.

Five reasons to work with us:

We’re good.

We have all the technological, creative, and strategic know-how needed to make great digital content. Since 2009, we’ve worked with more than 130 different organisations – building more than 100 websites and producing close to 50 animations. We ask all our clients how pleased they are with the result – the average score is 4.8/5.

We’re charity insiders.

We’re well versed in how you need to communicate your world-changing selves in this increasingly squeezed sector. Our core team has decades of experience working for charities from both sides of the table – we understand how to talk to your audience, the pressures on your budget and the internal politics.

We’re good value.

Our day rate is low and we’re passionate about keeping it that way, as we were founded on a belief that charities shouldn’t have to pay corporate agency rates. We’re always transparent about costs – there are no hidden charges or monthly maintenance fees – as we want you to get the best value possible.

We’re believers*.

We’re doing this because we believe in your cause, not to add zeros to our bank balances. Everyone at Hands Up has chosen to be here so that they can work with the subjects and organisations they care about. We’re picky about who we work with – if we don’t support your cause, we probably won’t work with you.

* We’re also Beliebers, after Justin let us use his track on this animation.

We’re future-minded.

The future of work is flexible; the future of the agency is virtual. We don’t have an office – our core team are committed partners who have worked with us for years from homes and hubs across the country, coming together to deliver great work for causes they believe in. Like yours.

We build teams around the needs of each project, drawing from a pool of like-minded specialists and freelancers. We keep meetings to a minimum and communicate using tools like Skype, Slack and Basecamp. We charge you only for work we do on your project, and pass all the savings on to you. So you can focus on shaping the future and changing the world.

What do our clients think of us?

We ask every client to score us on a range of criteria.


Our team

This is our core team – supported by a large network of freelance specialists that can be brought in whenever necessary. This approach allows us to keep our fixed costs even lower, and to assemble the best possible team for any given project. Meet the team >

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