These are the standard terms and conditions for Hands Up projects.

We dislike complicated things and we always aim to please our customers, but we are a business and we need to make sure we meet our customers’ expectations, and that they meet ours. These terms and conditions make those expectations clear and are intended to protect you and us from anything unexpected happening.

If you have any questions or concerns then please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a Hands Up customer is a person or organisation that Hands Up has agreed to work for.

1. Hosting

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

1.1. If you choose to host a site with Hands Up hosting is provided by 34SP and Tsohost. Hands Up shall endeavor to keep your site running for the duration of the hosting agreement, however, the availability of your site cannot be guaranteed and Hands Up can accept no liability for losses incurred as a result of a customer website failing.

1.2. If there are ongoing problems with 34SP or Tsohost, Hands Up will be willing and able to transfer the site to alternative hosting. This would be possible within one working day.

1.3. Hands Up customers must not use the hosting that Hands Up provides for anything illegal or offensive. If this happens Hands Up, or Hands Up’s hosting supplier will suspend your account. Neither Hands Up nor the hosting supplier will be responsible for any loss of customer data should this occur.

1.4. Any data that a Hands Up customer stores on Hands Up’s hosting service will remain the property of the customer and Hands Up can provide a download of it on request. Depending on the nature of the download request this may incur a small cost.

1.5. Any Hands Up customer that chooses not to host their site with Hands Up is responsible for backups, software updates and security measures.

1.6. Hosting is billed on an annual basis at a cost of £15+VAT per month (for standard WordPress hosting).

2. Domains

This sections applies to all Hands Up customers who buy domains through us.

2.1. The customer agrees for Hands Up to be a representative of them of their organisation for the purposes of buying and registering domain names.

2.2. Domain names shall either be registered in the name of Hands Up, in the name of the customer, or in the name of a customer contact.

2.3. Domain names are usually purchased for a period of one or two years. At the end of this period, the registered owner of the domain is notified the renewal is due. If the registered owner is the customer or the customer contact it is the customer’s responsibility to renew the domain at their own cost. If the registered owner is Hands Up then Hands Up will inform the customer and offer to help the customer renew the domain.

2.4. Any domain name transaction (purchase, renewal, change of hosting settings, transfer of ownership) may be subject to an administration fee. All costs of purchase and renewal will be met by the customer unless included in a project proposal.

3. Data, Code, Designs and Backups

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

3.1. Hands Up will keep copies of any program code or designs that are delivered as part of a customer project and Hands Up customers agree that Hands Up can store these using whatever storage and backup products or services are deemed necessary by Hands Up.

3.2. Unless a support agreement is in place, Hands Up customers are responsible for making sure that their data is backed up. Hands Up shall provide mechanisms and instructions to customers for doing this. Hands Up is not liable for customer data that is lost or damaged.

3.3. Hands Up will send customers the project deliverables in electronic format. If delivery on physical media is required this may incur charges for materials and delivery.

4. Copyright and Content

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

4.1. Hands Up build customer websites using software that is released under a license called the GNU General Public License (GPL).

4.2. Anything that Hands Up creates that is a derivative work of something released under the GPL, is also subject to the GPL. This means that:
· the customer is free to use, copy and modify the work internally within their organisation;
· the customer will maintain copyright of it;
· the customer is not required to release it to the public, but if they do then they must give other people permission to copy, distribute and modify it under the terms of the GPL.

4.3. Any work that Hands Up customers create using services provided by Hands Up will be the copyright of the customer.

4.4. Any work that Hands Up creates for a customer, will be owned by the customer. The customer grants Hands Up an unlimited license to use, copy, and modify the works and to base other works upon them. This is to allow us to re-use the work that we do rather than create everything from scratch.

4.5. Content uploaded by Hands Up customers to a website hosted by or through Hands Up, must be either:
· owned by, or copyright of the Hands Up customer;
· licensed to the Hands Up customer for the customers’ usage on the website; · in the public domain and therefore free of copyright restrictions.
Hands Up may remove content found to be uploaded without the relevant permissions. Hands Up can accept no liability for any costs incurred as a result of this happening.

5. Projects, Proposals and Payments

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

5.1. At the start of a project, Hands Up will produce a project proposal for the customer, detailing the customer’s needs, and what work will be done, and when.

5.2. When the details of the work to be done have been agreed, Hands Up will provide the customer an estimate or quote detailing charges for doing the work. The estimate or quote will state whether the work will be done for a fixed price, or at an hourly rate.

5.3. Sometimes things will go wrong, or details of a project will change. If this happens Hands Up will keep the customer informed of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and agree any changes to the proposal and costs with you.

5.4. Most projects will be a collaborative effort and will involve contribution from the customer in order for timescales to be met. Hands Up will keep you informed of what they need from you and when, but if the things Hands Up need are not provided in time then the project may be delayed and Hands Up will agree with the customer any resulting changes to the proposal and deadline.

5.5. For fixed-price projects under £4,000 an invoice will be submitted once the work detailed in the proposal is complete.

5.6 For fixed-price projects over £4,000 Hands Up will submit invoices at agreed stages during the project.

5.7. For hourly-rate projects Hands Up will used staged payments and submit invoices at durations agreed as part of the project proposal.

5.8. Payment is due by cheque or electronic bank transfer 30 days from the date of the invoice. Hands Up reserve the right to charge interest and claim compensation for debt recovery costs.

6. Technical support and operation

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

6.1. Hands Up may not always get everything right. If you find that something Hands Up agreed to do does not work, or stops working, within 30 days of the project completion, Hands Up will fix these for free.

6.2. Hands Up endeavours to produce web sites and pages that display in most popular modern browsers, but Hands Up cannot be responsible for pages not displaying in older or un-supported browsers. If display in browsers prior to IE 9 is required this may involve additional charges.

7. Portfolio Usage

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

7.1. Hands Up like to talk about the work that it has done in order to drum up new business. Hands Up customers agree that Hands Up can display and link to the completed work as part of the Hands Up portfolio, and that Hands Up can talk and write about the project on websites and in the media.

8. Cancellation

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

8.1. Customers may cancel a project with 14 days notice. Hands Up will submit an invoice for work already completed, and the time already scheduled for the project during the notice period.

9. Disclaimer

This section applies to all Hands Up customers.

9.1. Hands Up will give customers advice and suggest software tools, third-party services, and processes for using them. Hands Up is confident in this knowledge and the aim is to share them with customers in order to make their life and work easier.

9.2. However, the internet and technology change quickly and, while Hands Up does its best to stay up to date, it does not guarantee that what it knows is the latest or best information. Hands Up can not therefore accept liability for any costs incurred by a customer that are caused by Hands Up providing the customer with information or advice that is viewed by anyone as being inaccurate, out of date, or not current best practice.

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