Why choose us?

We’re flexible, we’re experienced, we are passionate about helping you tell your story well, and we work with some great filmmakers who’d like to help you make the film you need.

As with all our offerings, we can be flexible because of the way we work. We have great relationships with film-making creatives and techies at every (budget) level. We know where to go to get good deals on kit and insurance. And we love the process of assembling the right team for the job.

How we work

The cost and the processes involved in filmmaking vary wildly, and the scope is enormous. So, before we nail either of these down, we will want to find out more about your project.

We start by asking you a lot of questions, essentially helping you to fill out a creative brief. What are your goals? Who is your audience? What do you want people to feel and do after seeing your film?

We’ll also need to know some specifics: do you have your own footage? Do you have specific locations and events in mind?

After this creative briefing phase, we can agree a fully costed budget and establish the process that works best for your individual project.

We'd love to chat.

We are always up for a chat - whatever your need or budget, get in touch! If we aren’t able to help, we’ll probably know someone else who can.

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