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Investment Chains and Land Rights

A new wave of large-scale acquisitions of farmland for plantation agriculture has taken place in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and IIED wanted to produce a film that could be played to NGOs, campaigners and local activists to help them understand the roles and rights of the actors involved in these often very complex, web-like deals and transactions. We used a static illustrative style to help keep the focus on their existing analogous imagery. Having a PM with an MA in International Development came in very handy for this one!

We really enjoyed working with Hands Up, they have done a brilliant job at making investment chains easy to understand. The production process was very smooth and efficient and the producer and animator were extremely responsive to our comments. We received very positive feedback both internally and from external audiences on the animation and would strongly recommend working with them! In fact I believe IIED has already commissioned another two animations from them.
— Philippine Sutz - Senior Researcher - IIED

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