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Stamp Out Strangles

The Redwings animation was a bit of a first for us. Their communications team came to us with a brief of conducting interviews in situ at stables around the country – going for a natural, ambient flavour – that would then be turned into a workable script and animation communicating best practice around preventing Strangles.

What we liked

This one was a lot of fun. They wanted it to be humorous from the start (not difficult when emulating Creature Comforts) but obviously it also had to communicate clearly and effectively. The audio edit (in lieu of the usual scripting process) took a while, but the storyboarding from there was a lot of fun. It’s one of our all-time favourites!
Horses are notoriously hard to animate and Hands Up has done a great job for us. They were accommodating and receptive to our vision, ideas and input, trusting us to work with a participatory approach, and incorporated all our feedback without a single quibble.
— Andie Vilela and Paige Staff,
Campaigns Manager and Marketing Officer

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